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About Funny Gift Store

If you love funny weird and different then you have come to the right place. Learn more about us and what we do in our bios below.

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The Funny Gift Store
About Us
If you love the different and funny then you've come to the right place

Hi, everyone, we’re Ian and Sam. The founder members of the funny gift store.  It all started in June 2021, where Ian a serial website designer, and Sam a passionate crafter came together to produce gift items that are a little bit different and quirky for the masses.  Getting disillusioned with the constant drag of the 9-5 working world we decided that we would come together have some fun and see where the business took us. Doing this in the middle of a global pandemic was a huge risk to us. But we were sure that it was the right decision to give us the life we wanted for our family.

Since that date we haven’t really looked back. Yes, our designs are a bit risqué, yes, they are weird. But we have had so much fun making them, testing them and of course seeing the faces on the people who receive them that we want to become one of the biggest gift stores on the planet.

Ian - In Charge Of All Things Geeky

The owner of smart website designers. Ian is an experienced web designer and digital marketer who has created some of the largest humor websites on the planet. He is the engine behind the Etsy site, the Amazon page and of course this amazing website. He loves blowing his own trumpet but is always being kept in check by Sam

Sam - She is the creative one.

Sam has been crafting for what feels like a generation. She is experienced in all types of design and machinery, and is the creative eye behind the company. Nothing gets signed off or leaves our workshop until she gives the go ahead. Think of her as the Company Sergeant Major of the business, who meticulous eye drives the quality that we achieve in every single order.

Funny gift Store

Our designs are constantly updating to match the trends and happenings around the world. So you will find that we are constantly evolving and innovating.  Our supply chain where possible is also locally sourced, meaning that we are always trying to give back to our local community.  We are always on the look out for new designs too. So if your a budding artist who has some weird and wacky artwork that you would love to showcase then get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.