Super Shit Cook
Christmas Sacks
Kim Jong Un Flip Flops
i love vladimir putin cushion cover
cockroach flip flops
Sheep Shagger Flip Flops
i love my chooks cushion cover
office grumpy bastard
cockroach flip flops
Best employee awards
Reserved for
get shit done
for fox sake

Welcome to Our Funny Gift Store

 As you will have already worked out from our company name, the funny gift store is the home to the weirdest, wackiest and funniest novelty gifts you will ever find on the internet, Everything we do is made from hand and we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality goods every single day.  We stock a wide range of products in lots of different niches, and because of this we are confident that we have something for everyone. If you’re stuck for a Birthday present, a Christmas gift or a leaving present then our t-shirts, mouse mat, cushion covers, flip flops baby clothing, mugs and notebooks will put a smile on everyone’s face. Sure they’re a little bit rude and naughty, But that’s what we love and we know you will to.