Bogey Flicking Target Mouse Mat


For all nose pickers around the world

235 x 197 x 5mm

Perfect for office gifts

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Bogey Flicking Target Mouse Mat

Now we have all done it whilst sat at the desk, picked our nose, rolled it into a ball and flicked it. But how coll would it be to test your skills against a target? Well now you have it.  This funny mouse mat enables you to flick your bogey into a target to see how good your skills are. With scoring rings ranging from 5 points on the edges all the way up to 25 points for a bullseye you can keep yourself occupied during those boring days playing with spreadsheets or writing reports.

This funny mouse mat measures Size: 235 x 197 x 5mm and comes with a durable rubber base.

It makes for a funny gift for leaving presents, secret Santa’s, birthdays and Christmas

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