Clueless Employee Mouse Mat


A practical joke / gag gift that is perfect for clueless employees around the world. A funny mouse mat that is guaranteed to get laughs. 

235 x 197 x 5mm

Perfect for office gifts

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Clueless Employee Mouse Mat

Do you know someone that is a completely clueless employee? You know? someone who really doesn’t have a clue what is going on? Are yo someone that is doing a job where you’re completely out of your depth?  Well guys and girls this is the funny mouse mat for you.  It reads

My job is top secret and I am clueless at to what I do.

If you;re on the hunt for a practical joke or gag gift then we’ve got you covered.

This funny mouse mat measures Size: 235 x 197 x 5mm and comes with a durable rubber base.

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