Food For The Week Tote Bag


This food for the week funny tote bag is a hilarious must have accessory for all people who don’t mind turning heads.

The design is printed on both sides. Natural Colour

Material- 100% polyester

Dimensions- 410(H) x 485(W)

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Food For The Week Tote Bag

We’ve all heard of the phrase meat and two veg right? Well we now have a funny tote bag just for that. With a strategically positioned cucumber and two tomatoes, this rude looking picture is sure to get some laughs. With the wording, food for the week this is one of those apparently innocent pictures at first sight. When you finally get what it is trying to say you will be taken aback. As well as being a must have accessory for yourself, it is also a great gift to gift to your nearest and dearest. Birthdays, Christmas or thank you gifts, any recipient will not be disappointed.

Our tote bags are versatile are large enough to be used for many different occasions, It can be used for shopping at the grocery store, going to the beach or taking it work. Each design is natural colour, but they may differ very slightly to the shop image if the supply chain changes.

The design is printed on both sides.

Available in- Natural

Material- 100% polyester, 165gsm

Dimensions- 410(H) x 485(W)

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