Fuck It Mug - Office Humor


Do you know have a friend that can wind you up and spin you out? Then check out this you’re a wanker mug. It’s clever design will definitely get laughs when people actually work it out.

11oz mug

Perfect for leaving gifts, secret Santa’s and Birthdays

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Funny Fuck It Mug

If you have a friend that is always loosing their cool, or you’re at that point where you really don’t give a shit any more then this Fuck It Mug is all you need.  Now this is a clever design as it doesn’t actually swear on it. It has a stick man that is humping the word ‘it’ and there you have it. Pretty cool eh? This funny mug could take pride of place in any work setting, or it will look great in your own kitchen. Imagine the fun you will have as the recipient spills hot coffee on themselves trying to guess what it mean.  The stylish design is eye catching and is guaranteed to get you loads of laughs.

This 11oz mug is printed with the same design on both sides and is prefect for leaving presents or the standard Birthdays or Christmas

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