I Hate Working Fast Food Mug


For pissed off and angry Fat Food Staff around the world.

11oz mug

Perfect for leaving gifts, secret Santa’s and Birthdays

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I Hate Working Fast Food Mug

When you have worked in drive throughs before you tend not to forget it. We’re talking the likes of McDonalds, Burger King. KFC and Wendy’s.  You know, those places that constantly stink of fat and are full of angry and rude customers.  Working fast food is one of those industries where it really is as bad as it looks. So why not let people express themselves with this funny I hate working in Fast Food mug?  It beats the standard, boring secret Santa gifts and will put a smile on everyone’s face when they see it. Please note. If you still work in the industry, we don’t recommend that your boss see’s the mug.

This 11oz mug is printed with the same design on both sides and is prefect for fast food workers, leaving presents or the standard Birthdays or Christmas’

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