Klingon Cushion Cover - Go Fuck Yourself


For all of the Star Trek Fans who need a funny novelty gift.

Heavy canvas style printable cushion cover 40x40cm in matte white.

100% Polyester

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Klingon Cushion Cover – Go Fuck Yourself

This is for all of the Trekkies out there. If you know of a star trek fan and you’re looking for a fun and unusual novelty gift then take a look at this.  Now we are reliably informed by Google translate the the Klingon you see on this cushion cover actually reads ‘go fuck yourself’ Yes, it’s rude, but it’s funny and it’s different.  So. if you’re looking for a weird gift for any event then hit the add to cart button.

These cushion covers will look great in any home office area, a caravan, or bedroom.

The cushion cover is 40cm by 40cm and has the same design printed on both sides. It is the case only and does not come with the cushion.  Our products are sourced and produced in the UK, but we ship worldwide.

Heavy canvas style

Matte white.

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