The Duck Song Mouse Mat – Got Any Grapes?


If you haven’t heard of the duck song the where have you been your whole life? So we have made it into a funny mouse mad with the iconic quote. Got any grapes?

235 x 197 x 5mm

Perfect for office gifts

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The Duck Song Mouse Mat – Got Any Grapes?

Have you seen the duck song? If you haven’t then where have you been all of your lives? This funny mouse mat with the words got any grapes are the most famous words on YouTube. With over half a billion page views it is one of the most popular and most annoying songs you have ever heard.  Don’t believe us? Listen to the duck song here.  After watching this video we promise you will have the words waddle waddle in your head for the rest of the day.  So, instead of buying a boring old gift for someone this year, get them something that will make them smile and laugh.

This funny mouse mat measures Size: 235 x 197 x 5mm and comes with a durable rubber base.

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