Today I’m Going To Give Zero Fucks Mug


This funny mug is great for people who really give zero fucks about what happens.

11oz mug

Perfect for leaving gifts, secret Santa’s and Birthdays

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Today I’m Going To Give Zero Fucks Mug

Have you had a really shitty day? Are you about to explode with rage? Well this funny mug can show your mood to others perfectly. The mug reads ‘Today i’m going to give Zero Fucks” and clearly lets you stand out as someone that has completely lost the ability to care. If you know of a work colleague that is like this, or a friend of family member falls into this category ,then scour the internet no more for your next online gift.

This 11oz mug is printed with the same design on both sides and is prefect for office gifts, leaving presents or the standard Birthdays or Christmas’

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