Unconsciously Incompetent Mouse Mat


For all of the people that are stuck blissfully in their own little world. This unconsciously incompetent mouse pad it the perfect gift

235 x 197 x 5mm

Perfect for office gifts

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Unconsciously Incompetent Mouse Mat

Do you know someone that is so blissfully unaware of what is going on they are almost on a different planet? Well check out this unconsciously incompetent mouse mat. It’s perfect for people who sit in their own little world without a care. If you know someone like this or have a co worker or colleague that is really bad at their job then give them this gag gift to put a smile on their face. It is also great for Christmas and birthday presents as well as leaving gifts.

This funny mouse mat measures Size: 235 x 197 x 5mm and comes with a durable rubber base.

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