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Our Funny Online Gift Store 100th Product

Our Funny Gift Stores 100th Product

So the city of Swansea hasn’t seen this much activity in years, because we at the funny gift store have been very busy bees.  After working flat out over the last 3 weeks our team of designers have signed off our 100th Product.  Exciting stuff eh? This is an immense achievement, particularly as the sun has been shining in the UK, and we have had to go through the obligatory BBQ’s and paddling pool set up. Let’s take a look at where we are so far after just 43 days.

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So here it is in all of it’s glory.

Spoiler Alert

A Funny baby onesie that is dedicated to parents having sex. What a gross thought, but hey! we love it.

So, we are now in a position where our website and Funny etsy page are selling a huge range of designs and products.  Our funny baby bibs are starting to sell really well, both in the UK and across the pond in America. We are also starting to post out our funny flip flops.  Our customers are suckers for Bob Ross and Kim Jong Un. But why stop there?  As well as the products above we are now stocking notebooks, mugs, flags, cushion covers and bibs. We our little workshop now looks like Santa’s grotto. But we love it

Our designers have been given the brief to make people laugh and cringe with every product we make live.  You will never see a cute teddy bear, a fluffy unicorn or a cat curled up in a ball in our gift store.  If you do we may have attached a bazooka or something rude to them just to jazz them up a bit.

A Fun Online Store With A Difference

So what’s next in the coming weeks.  Well, we would love to get to our 500th product, This will be based on what funny gifts we know our customers love. We will also look to extend the products we sell. Funny Sequin cushions and adult oven gloves seem to be a cool way forward. But who knows? That’s the beauty about starting out from scratch, we understand that a funny novelty gift comes in many different guises.

Our market research (That’s a highbrow term for asking our friends and family) has produced some interesting results. The weirder the product the more our customers love it. It’s clear that the internet is saturated with stuff that has been copied from one person to the next. So here at the funny gift store, our designers go into the dark and twisted areas of their brains and design everything from a fresh and unique perspective. Sometimes we get it wrong, but when we get it right we are left giggling to ourselves in our humble little design studio in Wales.


So that’s it for our latest update, apart for saying it has been a blast so far, the feedback has been awesome, our hard work is converting into sales, and the equipment that we spent so much of our hard earned funds on is starting to provide a return. It would be great if the readers of this blog post could support us by visiting our store, buying our goods and sharing our posts Because, without you guys everything we do will be useless.  And there isn’t a lot you can do with hundreds of white baby grows, thousands of flip flops and boxes full of facemasks.

Stay tuned guys and girls for our next update and hope you love what we’re doing!


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