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Our Funny Flip Flops Range

We have been busy bees at the funny gift store and our funny flip flop designs are really starting to come together. Because we design everything from scratch in our humble workshop in Wales (UK) we are able to create loads of different styles and looks.  Since we started our journey we have become somewhat experts in the adobe suite, especially photoshop and illustrator. This confidence has meant that our funny flip flops have a look and feel of a quality made piece of footwear. Our range has now increased to all sizes and we are able to ship to the four corners of the world via our website, Esty page and amazon links.

Our Inspiration

Kim Jong Un Flip Flops

Well, this is a whole different story, when we sit down and decide a look for our flip flops, our designers are tasked with coming up with something that is unique and unusual. After all, who wants to buy something that you see all over the internet? Where is the fun in that? So, When a new product is launched we try to get the laughs and giggles from people, whilst at the same time adding a bit of shock and awe.

The characters that are printed on our sandals come from a range of different niches.  From a political perspective our Vladimir Putin and Kim Jing Un funny flip flops are becoming increasingly more popular. We have a range of celebrity footwear which includes cult figures such as Bob Ross and Hulk Hogan. And at the minute we are finalising our designs for weird and wonderful prints that focus on lifestyle and general humor.  This includes niches in Welsh Fun, Smoking, Animals and Drinking.

Every funny flip flop we design goes through a rigorous quality process. (Will it make people laugh?) If it passes our market research, then it takes pride of place on our website and our other selling channels. Based on feedback our sandal designs may change slightly, but we are looking to increase the number of designs that we have month on month. This could be based on what comes into our strange and twisted heads, or what is happening in the world.  Don’t worry, the inevitable coronavirus flip flop is on its way very soon.

In Conclusion

When we first started our journey with the funny gift store, we only ever wanted to print high-quality t-shirts. But, with significant investment new printing equipment we have been able to extend our range. This range has of course included flip flops, but the funny gift store is now able to offer cool designs in the following items

  • Mouse, mats,
  • Oven gloves,
  • Tote bags
  • Face masks.
  • Baby Gifts
  • Cushion Covers

In fact, we can print on pretty much anything.  So, if you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member then we are the internets number one resource for all things humorous.

The funny gift store should be the first website you think about when you’re in need of a birthday present, Christmas gift or something just to say thank you.



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