Christmas Time

Christmas Is Coming And We’re Ready

Our 200th Funny Gift Store Product.

You're a wanker

So the funny gift store has had a busy month. Our design team have been working hard on fresh and cool products, and we have extended our range to cover funny sequin cushions and funny puzzles. We’re now proud to say that we have a functioning and well set up business. The setup costs have been huge, and our offices are now full of stock ready for the anticipated Christmas rush. So, with so many designs and such great feedback, we’re confident that we are ready to delight our customers with funny gift ideas that will put smiles of peoples faces.  Get those stockings ready ladies and gents, because we are ready to fill them. 

New Equipment

New Equipment

As with every business it is really important to us that we have the best equipment to produce the best products. Why send out something that is substandard only to get poor feedback? Our strategy from the outset has always been to offer the best in the business and let our funny designs do all of the talking. So, with that in mind we have expanded our portfolio to create funny cards, banners and advertisements. Stuff that makes you turn your head in amazement, but you need to hide from your granny in case she is offended.  This has meant adding a third commercial printer to our range and one that will effectively print anything people want. So what does that mean for you? Well if you have got this far down our post we can tell you that we are rapidly becoming the one stop shop for all of your printing needs. Both from a funny present perspective and from a business perspective.

It is our aim over the coming months to offer a same day dispatch service for all of our banners and adverts and a 1 hour service for our local customers.  Watch this space for further details. 

The Vision

The Funny Gift Store

Now our designs are finalised, and up for sale on our website we can now move from funny mouse mats, funky flip flops and wacky t-shirts to greetings cards. This market is massive, and it seems that the weirder the designs are the better. So, over the coming weeks we will look to increase our cardstock numbers to over 500, focussing on initially Christmas, then through to Valentines and Birthdays. This strategy will mean that we are able to offer the right products at the right time to the customers who need them

Going forward also look out for our multibuy offers in the coming weeks. We know that for every funny gift sold a customer will need some kind of card to complete the set, so these offers will be available ready for the Christmas rush.  We’re confident that our humorous designs have a unique and unusual take on life, and are guaranteed to give anyone that receives them a rye smile.


As you can see, it has been another busy few weeks in the workshop. Our website is looking great, and we are starting to get significant orders through from all over the world.  Who would have ever thought that Vladimir Putin on a flip flop would be so popular?  So as we move into the inevitably busy period our focus is to recoup some of the £1000s of pounds we have spend already on stock and equipment. The funny gift store is aiming to become the internets biggest resource for all things weird and funky. Our designs of funny notebooks, funny cushions and funny oven gloves aim to break the mould of boring unicorns and teddy bears. And who knows, we may see an order from you very soon. As always, if you love what we do then like and share our posts and products on social media and we will update you next time on our adventures. Thanks for reading everyone and take care in this crazy world.


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