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Welcome Chuck Norris and Our Funny Calendar Range

It’s been another busy month at the Funny Gift Store. Our Christmas planning has been completed and we’re now set for the seasonal rush. Our sales are starting to pick up and our product range has increased dramatically. At the minute our funny notebooks are flying out of the door. They account for 25% of our total revenue, and our customers love the way they can be personalised.  As ever, our Bob Ross range is continuing to be our star of the show. His face on our funny baby onesies and cushion covers is definitely making people smile. It appears to be the stand out gift that we didn’t really expect.

Chuck Norris Makes An Appearance

chuck norris
Chuck Norris Mouse Mat

Building on the success of Bob Ross, we have now introduced another American icon to the party. Our Chuck Norris range is now live on the website and his face is featured on our notepads and funny mouse pads. The fact that you shouldn’t mess with this martial arts hardman has given our team of designers great fun coming up with slogans and quotes to befit his stature.

Our design team have also started to venture into the weird and spooky. Our creepy crawly products are now available to buy on our website and features the most gruesome bugs and insects you can imagine. We have put maggots, cockroaches and worms onto our mouse mats. These little critters also appear on our funny flip flops range. These items are sure to be big sellers next month when people are looking for Halloween gifts, or something different for Christmas.

Strange and Funny Calendars

It was only a matter of time before we started to look at the drab and boring calendars on the market and thought, we can do better than that. And we did. Over the last couple of weeks, we have been consuming lots of alcohol and coming up with new and fresh ideas for a funny calendars range. Whilst suitably inebriated we came to the conclusion that crime, animals and Kim Jong Un had a gap in the market.  Our Hungover Owls and Sexy Welsh sheep calendars were born first. This doesn’t need much explanation, but safe to say that this will be on loads of kitchen walls in 2022.  We have also designed a drunk and disgraceful calendar for next year. This features images of people who shouldn’t have fallen asleep drunk. With friends like these, who needs enemies? Finally, after the success of our Kim Jung Un flip flops we decided to feature his pretty little face on a calendar for people who want to wake up to him every morning.

Our Santa Sacks

With just 3 months to go until Christmas we can’t wait to start the inevitable spike in sales. Our Funny Esty shop is looking amazing and the Funny Gift Store website is set up and good to go. We have had a delivery of even more printing equipment and we’re able to turn around more stock than ever. Over the coming weeks you will start to see a raft of promotions and offers to entice you into buying from us, and don’t forget, for our UK customers we offer free posting. But we also ship worldwide, so from Alaska to Australia we are ready and waiting to take your orders.

Finally, to store all of the products you are going to buy from us, we have now introduced a range of funny Santa sacks.  With characters such as Scrooge and the Grinch we have added a cheeky and naughty twist on an item that is notoriously bland and boring. So check them out and don’t forget to add them to your cart before leaving.

Thanks for reading, and we looking forward to updating you next month with the latest news from our whimsical world.



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