2022 Funny Calendars

Our 2022 Funny Calendar Range Is Here

So, we’re into October and we are just about to launch our Funny Calendar 2022 range.  Our team of designers have been working hard to come up with weird and unusual themes that you will struggle to find anywhere else on the internet. As the festive period approaches, we now have all of our preparation done, and it’s time to rock and roll.  As usual, our best sellers for last month were Funny Mousepads and Notebooks. And of course, our Bob Ross range is just as popular as ever. But this post is about the calendars. So lets take a brief look at what you can buy in the coming weeks for your nearest and dearest and work colleagues.

Cats with Cash.

Cats With Cash

The whole planet seems to love sweet looking cats, and we are no exception, only our take on it is a little bit different and somewhat strange.  Cash with cats is exactly what you would expert.  Our cute feline friends surrounded by wads of money. This concept has been around in the dark corners of the internet for quite a few years. But we’re pretty sure that the funny gift store are the first company to put these into a calendar.

Dog Fails

dog fails

Just like their 4 legged friends above, there is a dog lover everywhere you look. For the best part, dogs are friendly and loyal companions. However, sometimes they are caught on camera letting their fellow breeds down with the most epic of fails.. Dog fails captures these very moments in our new 2022 calendar. It’s funny, embarrassing and artistic all rolled into one. If you’re looking for a birthday or Christmas Present that is guaranteed to get the laughs then add this to your cart right now.

Welsh Sheep

Welsh Sheep

Keeping up with our animal themed calendars. Welsh sheep is perfect for people who want to take the piss out of their Welsh friends and family. For those of you that don’t know, Welsh people are renowned for loving these woollen beauties. And not just in sweet and caring way, If you get our drift. The calendar has a new sheep for every month and makes for a hilarious present for anyone associated with the Welsh population.

Hungover Owls

Hungover Owls

If you thought that you have seen it all, then Hungover Owls is on a completely different planet.  Just as you would expect, this entire calendar is full of owls that look like they had drunk the bar dry the night before. Sure, we appreciate that this isn’t the case and no owls were harmed in the making of this calendar.  However, the look on their poor, tired looking faces is so funny. We are pretty confident that this will be a hit this year, so get your copy as soon as you can.

Get ready for our calendars to go on sale

We have had so much fun making our 2022 Funny Calendar range. Each one is made with high quality 200 GSM glossy paper and comes ready bound for you to hang straight away. They will take pride of place in any home, office or factory setting and make a pleasant change to boring old calendars with scenic views and unicorns.

We have now received our final drafts and in the coming days they will go on sale through via our website and online stores. Remember, we sell wholesale too, so if you want to purchase from us in bulk them let us know and we can arrange for a competitive price to be quoted.  

If you have any comments on our range then we would love to hear from you. Your feedback is really important to us and we act upon what you say. If we have missed anything from our funny calendar range then reach out to us with your suggestions and we will look to get them added. 

The funny gift store is the home to the largest collection of fun and novelty gifts on the internet for every occasion. We stock a huge range of Flip Flops, notebooks, baby clothing, tote bags, oven mitts and much more. Explore our shop and give a gift this year that is weird and unusual that will put a smile on anyone’s face.




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