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250 Funny Novelty Gifts Designed And Ready To Go

Well aren’t we clever little people? The funny gift store have just finished designing our 250th product, and it’s safe to say we’re very proud of ourselves. This month has seen us focus on increasing our range in Mouse pads and Notebooks, and we’ve had some great fun coming up with new and unique designs. Whilst Christmas is our key priority for the remaining weeks of 2021, we have come up with even more mouse mats and journals that can be sold throughout the year. This Includes birthday presents, promotion gifts and key dates, such as Valentines day, fathers day and mothers day.

I Love Tiny Wieners

I love small wieners

As you’ll know by now, we love to play on words, and we have designed some really funny notepads that are both naughty and cheeky. Our ‘I love tiny wieners notebook is one of our favourites. With a picture of a cute little dachshund it is a prefect gift for pet lovers and people who love the smaller things in life (You know what we mean right)?   We have also introduced Freddy Mercury into our range. The Queen lead singer had a massive worldwide hit with I want to break free. So we thought we would use this as inspiration for our I want to make lists notebook. With a picture of Freddy front and centre on the cover, it makes for a great present for any music lover or list maker.

Finally, It goes with saying that Ginger people around the world have been persecuted and tormented for 100s of years. So in honour of these copper tops, we have added a ‘I Have Ginger Pubes’ Notebook to our catalogue. Watch this space people as we plan to add lots more in this range.


Best Employee Awards

Best employee awards

Another focus for our designers has been around gifts for staff and co-workers. It’s one of our mantras that we produce a range of gifts that people can hand over to colleagues and their supervisors that are funny and different. With this in mind our best employee award mouse pads and notebooks are designed and up for sale. But as you would expect, they are not normal or standard. These designs are of course insulting and offensive. At the bottom of each design is the position they were placed in, which in this case is 1462nd.  So if you’re looking for a stocking filler for a friend you work with then this is perfect for them. You should also check out the other gifts in our work and office category that will put a smile on your face.

250 Products and Counting

As you can see, our growth is pretty rapid at the minute, and our designers are coming up with new and innovative novelty gifts all of the time. Our funny oven gloves range is starting to take off, and we are starting to see growth in tote bags, mugs and baby clothing. But that’s not what we are all about. The funny gift store carries a huge range of women’s and men’s t-shirts which are rude, crude and weird all rolled into one. We are also starting to sell lots of puzzles, particularly our old friend Bob Ross, who is now more popular than ever. When we update you next month we’re confident that we will stock over 300 funny gifts for him and her, and who knows? One may catch your fancy and prompt you to buy

Funny Cards For Any Occasion

The final area we would like to update you on is our cardstock. It has always been the intention of our novelty gift store to stock a range of funny adult cards. Whether that is Christmas cards, birthday cards or any other type of card. We have bought the equipment, and we have ordered the cardstock. Over the coming weeks we will now be targeting our team of designers to come up with funky, weird and quirky cards to sell alongside our funny presents. We also intend to offer these at a massive discount for customers who buy our products. So watch this space!

Please keep visiting our website, and keep a lookout for these cards, as we promise they will put a smile on your face as you scroll down.

The funny gift store is your one stop shop for all of your gift needs. Whether its for your best friend, a family member, or someone you work with. We’re different and unusual, but, that’s what we love and we know you do to.



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