100th Funny Gift Sale

We Did It. Our 100th Funny Gift Sold

Our Customers Love Us 

So, we finally did it. The Funny Gift Store has just passed through 100 sales. Can we get a whoop whoop from everyone please? and didn’t it go quickly?  In case you’re wondering it came from our funny mouse pad range, and it was all thanks to the ever-popular Britney Spears and her click me baby one more time mouse mat. As you can imagine we’re all really impressed with this feat, especially as our little novelty store in Swansea has barely been marketed. Sure, we have put out the odd Facebook post, along with a few tweets and some Instagram stories. But everything that is happening right now is organic and is coming from word of mouth from our loyal customers.

click me baby one more time

When we started our novelty gift store business back in June, we were pretty confident that we had the right mix of talent, drive and insanity. Our mission statement is to be quirky and unusual. We want to provide gifts for him and gifts for her that come with a little bit of irony, sarcasm and humour.  As you can see from the other blog posts we have made, we have already seen some front runners in terms of stand out favourites. These include our Bob Ross range, and our Funny Notebooks.  The other products we have on sale are now starting to get some traction. Our Funny Christmas Sacks and Oven Mitts are beginning to wet people’s whistles and making us some bucks.

So How Big Can Our Little Gift Store Get?

Well, that’s the $64000 question.  It took us 3 months to sell our first 50 gifts. But then just 3 weeks to sell the same amount. Based on our current run rate we are looking to sell our next 50 products in just 7 days time. Clearly our team of designers have done an amazing job. They have come up with unique and funny presents for friends, family members and co-workers around the world. Our feedback has been amazing, we are already 5 star rated on Esty, so why shouldn’t we shoot for the stars?  

With this in mind, we aim to be a stocking filler for 1000 customers by the time Santa Claus arrives this year. This is a tough ask, and of course a logistical nightmare. But, we’re confident that these numbers stack up and we’re looking forward to updating you on our progress next month.

But one thing is for sure. Our gift ideas are a hit, sitting on the fringe of risqué and naughty is a fun place to be sometimes. When we publish a post to our website we ask ourselves the question, Would we give this to one of our friends or family members? (Mum’s and grandmothers aren’t included in this statement) We don’t think they will like the bad language, poop or boobies. If it passes our quality control, then it goes up for sale.


The funny gift store is going from strength to strength, Our gifts for family members and those closest to us are one day going to be in everyone’s shopping baskets around the world. Whether it’s for birthday gifts or Christmas presents, we want our catchy logo to be as recognisable as our boring competitors. Our Funny Calendars, Outlandish Cushion Covers and Crazy Baby bibs are designed to put a smile on someone’s face. If it doesn’t make us laugh, or wince behind our teeth then the design is sent back. We have to be absolutely confident that what we do is not middle of the road and boring. If we’re stale then it will affect our whole reputation, and of course our sales.

So that’s it for our update ladies and gentlemen. Our 100th funny gift sold is just the first of many amazing achievements we think we are going to pass in our time. Our social media activity is going to start to ramp up in the coming days and you will see us promoting our products more than ever. The aim of these promotions is to show people that there is more to Christmas than just candles and pyjamas. (Unless we can find a way to put a penis on them of course). So stay tuned, keep visiting our website and keep telling your friends about us.  

Without you, none of this has been possible, and we would like to thank you for all of the support you have given to help grow our funny novelty store.  Who ever thought that the city of Swansea could have produced something so cool. 

Thanks Everyone and keep smiling through these crazy times..



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