Pet Santa Sacks

Our Pet Santa Sacks & 200th Sale

Well, how cool is this? The funny gift store has just printed it’s 200th Product. Whoever would have thought that personalised gifts in the UK could take off so quickly? We thought that as we were in such a saturated market dealing with adult novelty gifts that our start would be a bit sluggish. How wrong were we.  As we’re coming up to the festive season, it’s only right and proper that the gift that took us over the line was a funny personalised pet Santa sack. These hessian bags make the big day for your pet even more special. As we all know people love to spoil their little 4-legged friends.

Funny Flip Flops

Maggots Flip Flops

This month has also seen some of our newer products start to become popular. The worms and maggots Flip Flops have started to sell well, along with some of our newer baby bibs. And of course, our tote bags are as popular as ever.

We are also starting to see some real traction on our website and Facebook page. The good people of Swansea are clearly loving what we do, and this is showing in our sales. But it isn’t just the Welsh people who are buying from us. Oh no!  Our funny personalised gifts are also being snapped up across the border in England. We’re already selling funny mouse mats and funny baby bibs on our site, and that’s just after 3 months. Our competitors need to watch out, cos we’re coming for you!!

Bring it on 2022

As the Festive time approached, we are already starting to thing about what the new year holds. Our humble workshop is getting a little bit too cramped for us, so we may need to find some alternative digs in and around the Swansea area. But we can’t do this without fun, fresh and innovative designs and products. So over the coming months, after we have all stuffed ourselves with Turkey and spend a small fortune we will be looking to launch a whole range of funny gifts for adults, kids and even pets.

With the success of our pet Christmas sacks we have decided that this is an avenue that we really want to pursue. What better way to show off your pooch or pussy that with a product that they can feel genuinely embarrassed about. Pet bandana’s, funny pet bowls and funny pet clothing are all coming to our store in the new year, so keep a look out people.

The rise of the Funny Gift Store

To keep up with the Jones’s, or in our case our competitors in the Cardiff area, we need to start selling novelty cards with our gifts. If they are doing it, we want to do it bigger and better. So once again, in the new year, when we have taken a breather, we will be launching a whole new range in time for Valentines Day. This cardstock will also include a range of funny pet cards to celebrate their special day.  It’s crazy we know. But you have to admit it, you would buy one for your pet if you had the chance wouldn’t you.

Finally, as we know, the weeks and months after Christmas can be quiet and depressing. So we will be launching a fast track service for all our novelty gifts. This means that the useless men of this world can order and collect their personalised gifts in Swansea on the same day. So if you have forgotten a birthday or an important anniversary, you can pick up a gift virtually straight away instead of having to wait the standard 7 days that you get from the likes of Max Spielman. Pretty cool, eh? 

We love our novelty gift store, and it feels like we are really starting to hot the ground running. Sure, it’s been tough, sure there have been tears and tantrums, but every day we’re learning and growing.  We have so many plans on the horizon, and we are so confident that we can grow our funny gift store quicker than anyone else. Our funny mouse mats, Funny tote bags and funny baby gifts are designed better than our peers, and we are prepared to work harder than anyone else to succeed.

It’s beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas 


Our next update will come in the middle of the Christmas rush. So, we look forward to updating you on how little sleep we have had, and how many arguments we have caused.  Don’t forget, if you’re looking for that perfect gift for him, or a funny gift for her then look no further than our humble shop. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Catch you all soon.  



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