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Funny Gifts Are Flying Out Of Our Store

When our Little Novelty Gift Store in Swansea posted about our 200th product sale it was a proud moment in our business. For an organisation that only started 4 months ago, and has done very little advertising, it made us step back and think wow! But it is safe to say that the last week has shot all of that out of the water. In the last 7 days we have haven’t stopped, so much so that we have churned out 100 sales alone. This takes us over the 300 mark and well on our path to a 4 figure value.  The gift in question was one of our funny mouse pads and a favourite of ours.  It’s cool design is basically a fresh out of fucks mouse mat, which probably went to a retail or care worker who is running on empty in the run up to the festive season.

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It’s all about the pets this year

As we continue to expand out range this year, one thing has become clear. People are loving their pets and this is reflected in our funny pet gifts. As we reported in our last update, our pet santa sacks were performing really well, so this prompted us to expand further. Last week saw the launch of our pet placemat gifts. Yep , you’ve got it, placemats that go under pet bowls.  We have had so much fun coming up with fresh, weird and unique looks. Some of them are cute and sensible, but most of the placemats are fun and odd to say the least.

This almost vertical growth has prompted us to think a little bit more about our future plans. The funny gift store originally started in our little South Wales suburb to sell t-shirts. But this has now changed, and we are reacting to the customers demands and wants. With this in mind, it would appear that the customers want everything from Funny Tote bags to weird flip flops. So, we will continue to grow our product range over the nest 6 months to include a large range of pet gifts as well as adult novelty gifts. We will then review what works for us and focus on these areas. It is kind of like casting a huge net of fun gifts online and seeing which ones stick.

30 Days and Counting

As we write this article after a long day of printing, we have realised that the next 30 days are going to be hectic. Lots of coffee will be consumed and lots of arguments will be had. But our sole aim now is to get our funny gifts out to as many people in the UK and the rest of the planet as we can. The challenge is clear and our objectives are etched onto our noticeboard and in our minds.   Sell 1000 gifts online. To most people this target may not sound a lot. But to us, it represents a huge milestone and confidence booster that we’re doing the right thing and our customers are loving what we do.

We have recently added our testimonials to our website and these are starting to come through thick and fast. What our customers are saying is that the love what we do. Whether it’s a funny baby bib or a rude mug, the comments are humbling and reassuring. It goes without saying that we would love to see the faces of people that open up our gifts on Christmas day.

The sleepless nights will continue

So there you have it. People around the world have been searching for gifts for her and gifts for him online and landing on our little store. And we love that. Sure, there are gift shops that are bigger than us. But no one can beat our passion to succeed, our customer service, or our designs. As we sit here in our UK home, it’s so exciting, and scary to see orders coming in from the USA, Australia, Canada and the Far East. For a new business like ours this is the greatest feeling ever.

The next 30 days will be critical to us hitting our sales targets. But, we have the stock, we have the designs and we will be drinking coffee to keep us awake. So, all we have to do is keep those eyes open and keep churning out high quality novelty gifts. The rest will take care of itself.

We can’t wait to update you all on our progress at the end of this journey.  Like you all, we’re looking forward to our Christmas break, but we are already in the planning stage of what happens next year. When these plans are finalised we will of course communicate this out.

In the meantime. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget. If you haven’t bought anything from us yet then head to our gift shop. The funny gift store is the Internets biggest resource for funny Birthday presents and Weird Stocking fillers.  So get shopping.  

See you all soon.



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