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The Final Christmas Gifts Are Dispatched – Yeehaa

So that’s it. Our last funny Christmas gifts have been dispatched to our customers in the UK, and it’s safe to safe that it was a crazy experience. If you recall from our last blog post we had just passed 300 sales for the year.  Not bad for our little workshop in Swansea, but we had no idea how crazy the last month has been.  At the time of writing this article we have printed, wrapped and dispatched nearly 850 orders. The last 4 weeks of trading were fun, frustrating and tiresome all rolled into one.

What Funny Gifts did people want?

Well that’s an easy question to answer, they wanted absolutely anything and everything.  We sold out of our funny calendar range by mid December and needed an emergency order delivered. Whoever would have thought that hungover owls would be so popular? Our range of personalised Santa sacks really kicked off in the last part of the month and we were getting orders from all over the world. But it was our staples that really kept us going. Our funny mouse mats, Funny tote bags and Funny notebooks kept flooding in right up until the end. One area that surprised us in terms of sales was the personalised sequin cushions. We loved making these, and we saw some interesting photos that people wanted in their designs. Some were weird, some were rude, but all of them made us laugh.

What we will do differently next year?

One thing that’s for sure is that we need to get on top of our stock levels. We knew we had some great designs and great looking products. But we had no idea how quickly they would sell. For a small company we were ordering 50 or 100 products from our UK supplier. But, going forward we’re now going to spread our wings and source our products directly from China. This means that we can buy in bulk for a fraction of the price. Very grown up and sensible we know. However, we are now confident that next year will be even busier.

As well as designing funny gifts for her and novelty items for him we will also be increasing our pet range. One thing is for sure, people love their 4 legged friends and more importantly for us, they love to buy them presents. So, in the coming months you will see more funny pet gifts being added to our range. We have no idea what our design team are going to come up with yet, but one thing is for sure. They will be rude, crude and weird.

Christmas Gifts Done. It’s time for a break.

As we write this post we are now in the process of shutting down our store for the year, our printers are putting in their last shifts of the year. Our heat presses are taking a well earned rest, and the production team are going to have a long lay down in a dark room.

After we have eaten our body weight in turkey, and closed our eyes for longer than 6 hours we will be back designing new and innovative novelty gift ideas. So keep an eye out on our social media pages for what we’re up to. We plan to open our store up again in the new year and we can’t wait to delight our customers once again.

So that leave us to say a big thank you to you all. Enjoy Christmas with your families, and we hope that some of the Christmas gifts we have dispatched have made their way under your Christmas trees. We also hope that they put a big smile on your loved ones faces when they open them up.  If not, we hope they wince in embarrassment.  Either way works for us.

So it’s happy Christmas from the Funny Gift Store team. Have a great break and happy new year.



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