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Our Newest Funny Gift Additions 2022

Hey everyone, the funny gift store would firstly like to start by wishing you a happy new year and welcome to 2022.  While you were all eating your Christmas turkey leftovers and recovering from your hangovers, we were planning our new ranges for the next 12 months. As 2021 was our first year of trading we were pretty inexperienced in what we were doing. Sure, we knew what great novelty gifts looked like, but we had no idea of what would sell and in what quantities.  Now we are gift store ninjas.  Our range of funny notebooks and mousepads have got even bigger, and they are fast becoming the most popular items to buy. But what is on the horizon in the coming weeks? Let’s give you a sneak preview.

Funny Air Fresheners

any face air freshener

If you’re on the lookout for some funny car accessories for a birthday gift or Christmas present, then here you go. Our range of air fresheners are both funny and practical. They come in a range of different designs and scents and are sure to be a conversation starter. Whether it is ‘I Love Dogging’ or a personalised air freshener we take the boring out of this product and put a fun twist on it

Crazy and Weird Socks

Funny Socks

Instead of buying a pair of dull and bland socks for a stocking filler or birthday present then check out our range of funny socks. The majority of them can be personalised with a face of your choice, which means you can add your partner, friend or child onto them. And don’t forget, we don’t do serious, so please send in your most bizarre photos and we will laugh along with you.  All of our socks are printed to order and come with a white and black tip on the front and heel. As you can imagine by now the customer favourites such as ‘I love Bob Ross’ and ‘ I love cock’ are of course included. Stay tuned for more updates to this range.

300 Piece Puzzles

i love boobles puzzle

After dipping our toe in the water with smaller designs last year, we have now introduced a whole new range of larger funny puzzles. These A3 Jigsaws will make perfect gifts for her, or gifts for him, and for friends and family that love doing things with their hands. (Not that type of thing you filthy animals) Our designs make for awesome adult novelty gifts and have the option for personalisation with any stupid photo of your choice.

Happy Valentines Day

I love boobies cushion cover

As we all know the patron saint of love comes to pay a visit next month and we are ready for a surge in orders from people who don’t want to take life too seriously. Instead of buying a boring old card with teddy bears and flowers on it, then why not break the mould and bring out your mischievous side?

Our range of funny flip flops, weird tote bags and quirky cushion covers are both cringeworthy and hilarious. Sure, they’re a little bit different, but we can guarantee your partner will love it.  If they don’t, you can always give them to your next boyfriend or girlfriend. Win-Win. Our particular favourite of ours is the I’m watching you range. Stick your own face on a mouse mat or air fresheners and show your better half that your beady eye is always spying on them

Our Round Up

So, there you have it, Our little workshop in Swansea, Wales has been really busy in the background and we can’t wait to see your feedback on our new ranges. The funny gift store is planning to become the UK’s biggest and most popular novelty shop for all things personalised and fun. Our growth plans are huge, and with nearly 1000 orders in our first year we are expecting to disrupt the market and knock some of our competitors off their perch and sit at the top of the Google Rankings.

But we can only do this with your help. If you see any of our posts on Facebook, Instagram or our website that you like, then hit that share button, our success is driven by you liking what we do and telling your friends about us.

That’s it for our January update. We look forward to updating you soon on our exciting plans for the summer months, and of course updating you on when you can buy your copy of the hugely popular hungover owls 2023 calendar.

Take care and stay safe in this crazy world and we will catch up with you soon



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