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Funny Cards Are Now Part Of Our Family

Well haven’t we been busy bees since the last time we updated with you?  We have now branched into funny cards and we’re loving this new arm to our business.  With over 400 novelty gifts now live on our website we thought, well why not give it a go.  Initially we only started off with mother’s day cards, but this has very quickly turned into a great big card monster and consumed our lives for the last month.  Our already small workshop space is due to have 1000’s of blank cards and envelopes delivered, and like everything we do, we have gone for it all guns blazing. 

sniff your ass card

Mother’s day cards have quickly morphed into funny birthday cards, anniversary cards, father’s day cards and graduation cards. Next on the agenda is a personal favourite of ours, Happy Divorce cards.  All of our stock is of the highest quality and we have taken the time to choose awesome cardstock that we know our customers will love.

Our card designs are fun, rude and guaranteed to make people laugh, We don’t drop any C bombs (Unlike some of our competitors) But we do skirt quite close to the line. You have to in our industry, wincing as you scroll is our litmus test that we have the right designs on our website, If it’s boring it just won’t sell.

So, over the coming months we plan to flood our social media with our new range of funny cards and we really hope you’ll love them and of course buy them.  Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting addition to the funny gift store family.

Time to celebrate the parents

crazy cat lady

The next few months are going to be getting prepared for the big parent events of the year.  Mother’s day kicks of our planning, and as we have mentioned above we will have some really funny mother’s day cards about to hit the website.  But don’t forget, we also stock a huge range of fun gifts for her online, whether it’s a funny tote bag, or a wtf notebook to make her giggle.  Kids, we’ve got you covered on this one.

Then we have Father’s Day. A time where you can reward your dad for being the grumpiest shit on the planet.  Our Father’s Day cards are nearly designed and we’re increasing our range of funny mousepads and flip flops to give you more choice for the big fella on his special day.  Keep checking back to see all of the new stuff that is being added on a daily basis. We cover every flavour of dad and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed,

The clock is ticking. Tik Tok

There’s a saying that goes, ‘when in Rome, do what the Romans do’ and we have done just that. Like everyone else around the world we have finally bitten the bullet and embraced the world of Tik Tok, and are looking forward to sharing some of our really cool videos and adventures. Clearly showing you a video of a funny baby suit, or a car air freshener isn’t going to rock your world. So we are going to try and come up with stuff that’s fun, different and a little but weird.  So keep an eye out for the link and help us to go viral with our content.


So that’s it for our update, as you can see, we have been ploughing forward at a rate of knots and love the fact that people are loving what we do.  Since our launch 9 months ago we have already sold over 1000 funny gifts to people around the world, from America to Australia, and from Swansea to Scarborough. This has given us a revenue of over £10,000 and has allowed us to invest in new and cool equipment and software.  We are now determined to push on with our strategy to become the number one place online to buy funny gifts and cards.  Every day we are falling forward and learning along the way. Sure, we have made some mistakes, some of them have been absolute howlers. But it has been a right hoot.   We look forward to updating you next time with the next exciting part of our journey.



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